Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"If we gotta start sometime why not now?"

So i am uber bored! :( we didn't have rehearsal and while that was kinda good, it also was kinda a boring afternoon. And you know how i told you about our multiple English projects? wellll i finished one of them a minute ago! and one of them we have to work on while we read the Odyssey so i can't do anymore of that now. And the other i was gonna do but then i forgot to get a piece of poster board from my English teacher and i can't do it without poster board. So yeahhh. Ahh crap! I just remembered i had science hw to do! Grrr I'll go do that after I've completed this post. So the project i just finished was a poetry project and we had to read and analyze a poem or song of our choosing. Well, it was that or write a poem and as much I LOVE writing poetry, all of my poems are either about Mason, free verse, or both and yeah THAT wasn't gonna happen. So I decided to analyze the lyrics to TobyMac's "City on Our Knees". It is a great song, if you've never heard it! So yayupp (thats "yep" for y'all non-southerners) speaking of Mason I am almost positive he and Paige are talking. Like talking-talking. Which also means he doesn't txt me as much :( Well I think Imma go now.
Love yall!
<3 Bekah
[p.s. does anyone know how i might come up with an award? i want to give them to some of my buds on blogger?]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am sitting in my sunday school class 20 minutes before our teacher will even show up! Ugh and it's all my momma's fault.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


ello loves. its been a long time. sorry. i would like to give you a humongo update on me.
  • I auditioned for the school musical[Into the Woods] and was one of 3 freshman to get a part!!!!!! I am the understudy for Lucinda and Florinda[Cinderella's stepsisters] :D
  • I have rehearsal everyday until 6.30 pm. *Oh joy* haha it isn't that bad
  • I have made a kajillion new theatre friends in the musical who appreciate my random musicality :)
  • Mason and that girl aren't together anymore. I'm not really sure on the details because he said she wouldn't even tell him exactly why.Ehh i didn't like her anyway. Hah she didn't like me either xp
  • He kinda-sorta-almost likes this girl who moved here from NewYork this year. Her name is Paige. We talk sometimes but aren't really great friends.
  • Mason texts me a lot more often now that he is single and it makes me happy and less bored at rehearsals :p
  • i severely hate my english teacher. we are working on 3 projects at one time! ughhh
welp i gotta go clean and some more stuff. ttyl loveys! :)
<3 Bekah