Saturday, November 27, 2010

You know what it is :)

BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW! That song is stuck in my head. But its uber-amazing so thats okay. I keep forgetting what day it is and that is bad. I want to blog but i cant think of amything to say. so bye now. LOVE YALL :)

an old picture of Simon ♥

 A very old picture of Lauren(Thomas' gf), Thomas and Liz ♥
a picture of Sarah and me when i first got my snuggie
 this is my beautiful cousin. before she got her hair cut, i got my hair cut and before i got my braces!
a very old[and bad] picture of AnnaSmith, Lyndsay, me, and Haley from our 8th grade field trip to Biltmore House. It was so pretty! I miss Anna a lot now. She moved to Tennessee :(

another super old picture of me and my sister, Liz before we went to the UNC blue and white game this past spring. before bracess :)

 bahahahahhaha Walt and Anna at the bowling alley we went to on our 8th grade Wilmington field trip. That was a crazyyyyyy night. Everyone flipped out because we were all sleep-deprived and going crazy. Hahhaah i think anna is actually rapping in this and who knows what Walt is doing.
This is a picture I stole from Nick's facebook because i had no pictures of him and i wanted yall to sorta have a picture of him.
 kay this is a really stupid/silly/goofy/cute picture of Mason. Once again, I stole this one from facebook because I didnt have one of him on the computer and I wanted yall to see him :)
These are my Sevie(7th grade) friends. Allie(whos also walts sister), Debralee(who isnt really my friend), Meredith(not really my friend), and Jensen (she's my friend. and also she is Mason's sister. See any resemblance?)
 this is a picture i stole from Allies facebook. wanted yall to see herrrrrr
 Abi and Me from the Nooga trip :D ILoveThisChick LYS
"I am your latin lover full of passion and FUEGO!"---insider
 one of my fave pictures. Me(before braces) and Annamarie in our middle school english teachers room. It was taken before school[we would use the stupidest excuses to go in her room before school adn hang  out] by Mason on Anna's phone. And we don't take good pictures but this one was good and Mason took it and i just love it to death! :)
Me and the Anna that moved to TN at the bowling alley in Wilmington.
 Daddy and me at a baseball game on the Baseball Trip 2010:Southern Swoosh.
Me in the car on the baseball trip in birmingham Alabama after we went to the bookstore and Starbucks♥
Uncle Johnny, Aunt Teresa, Meredith, Abigail, and me from the Chattanooga trip :)♥
Sorry for the picture overload :) I still love yall readers

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksblogging

Well fellow bloggers and friends i wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I've always thought this picture reminds me of my family and our get togethers for the holidays. I'm not going to stay long but I do want to make a list of ssome things i am thankful for.
  • first and foremost God, without him i couldnt even be sitting here typing on the computer for you. HE made all of US!
  • For my family. Momma, Daddy, Thomas, Elizabeth. Grandmother and Granddaddy, [uncle and aunt]Lynn and Cam, [aunt]Carla, my cousins Sarah, Josh, Julia, Tori, and Taylor. My Pawpaw Buck and Nana who are watching over us from heaven. Mawmaw Sue and Papaw John and everyone else in my family. "Uncle" Johnny and "Aunt" Teresa who aren't blood relations but might as well be. Their two kids Abigail and Meredith who are like sisters to me.
    some of my marvelous friends. sorry you can't see everyone.
    but at least you can see Mason
  • For all of my friends who are like family. Annamarie, Anna Smith, Allie, Walt, Oj, Lauren, Nick, Mason and everyone else I love with all my ♥
  • The food on my table, the bed i sleep in, the roof over my head, the clothes i wear and all the little things that make me smile.
  • YOU, my fellow bloggers and followers. You are my slowly growing fanbase. Keep reading and commenting and tell everyone else about me :)
And for the laugh that has to do with me reading Juliet and Nick reading Romeo, well thats another story.
I love you all so much. Happy Thanksgiving/Thanksblogging!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bored, bored, bored

well hello hello hello :) so im really bored :( my sister and her boyfriend are over watching me because my parents are at this dinner thing at our old church. so tomorrow is the one year anniversary of telling someone(the wrong person most def) who i liked and still like now. His name is Mason. He's in my grade but a year and 3 weeks older than me. no, he didnt fail and i didnt skip. the cutoff date for kindergarten just worked out that way. He could be in 10th grade if he wanted but he wouldve been one of the youngest. So instead, he's one of the oldest in 9th grade. i am rambling. and bored. i want glee to come on. i am very excited about seeing my brother for thanksgiving. he lives in durham thats why. hes 10 and 1/2 years older than me and he is a humassive GOOBER! :) i miss him lots and lots. WOAHHH i just found a list i made last year of 14 random things about me. here.
14 random things about me(2/10/2010)[my comments in brackets]
  1.  i sing. all day long. no lie. sometimes in my head.[still true]
  2. i tell incredibly lame jokes.[still true]
  3. sometimes people actually laugh at those jokes. whatttt?[haha Oj just laughed at one a minute ago]
  4. i have the best cat. ever. [yep i sure dooo :p]
  5. my sister and i like to sing to her. we even have like 4 songs we put her name in to sing. [liz doesnt sing to simon with me anymore]
  6. yellow is the best color ever. bright. sunshine-y. warm. cozy. AWESOME![legit]
  7. my bathroom is covered in posters from popstar magazine.[not anymore. i had to take them down]
  8. i have one wall entirely dedicated to the jonas brothers. but it spreads onto another wall =)[had to take them down when we redid the bathroom]
  9. i got a zebra print snuggie for x-mas last year and i love it.[using it right now...]
  10. i write stories for fun[yup still do]
  11. im writing one now about a drama club and its musical.[i actually lost that one]
  12. there is a male songwriter in it who is the female lead's crush[lost the story]
  13. mason wrote a song for the guy to 'sing' because my songwriting is too girly[yup. still actually have those lyrics :)]
  14. 7 and 14 are my lucky numbers[still are]
okay well i shall talk to you later loves ♥. OH and we are reading romeo and juliet in english. comments?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

And she could call it "Harry Potter and.. a map of the realm of Narnia" :)

yes. that title very much might make me sound like a nerd. Thank you :)
see look i even took a picture to make it official :) so anywayyy i saw the movie yesterday and it was pretty freakin amazing. and i cried like 5 times. especially when Dobby died and they did his funeral. yeah that part was uber sad. sooo a minute ago i had to do a favor for my momma and i set my headphones down on the stool and they made a heart. so i took my phone out to make a picture(my camera is broken) and picniked it on my computer. here its super duper pretty

i thought  that the quote was very fitting. music is indeed love. and its practically my life. so im kinda out of things to talk about. so you talk to me on my formspring and in comments. kay love yall :)                    who saw the movie? and who else is a nerd? and pretty much any thing else you wanna talk about. OH and whos heard of the vlogbrothers, john green, and/or hank green? if you havent go to; theyre amazing :) Listening to: I want a book 8 by Hank Green

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just like to say

That in 42 hours I will be sitting in a movie theatre getting ready to watch HARRYPOTTERANDTHEDEATHLYHALLOWSPARTONEOMGIMSOEXCITED!
Bahahaa yes :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Day, Stormy Mood

Haha I'm sorry but its true. Ive had a bad day and Im in a pretty bad mood. Ughhh i feel a list coming on...BUT FIRST! a shoutout to Seli( because maly told me she likes lists too.
Things that just plain sucked today
  1. well Washy was in a bad mood. then told us he wasnt. and expected us to actually believe him.
  2. his bad mood/yelling at us put me in a bad mood which affected my playing
  3. which caused morre yelling/sermons from washy. baahah that reminds me of a story...ill terll nyou in a second.
  4. we go to lunch and everyones in a pissy mood and one of my freakin brackets pops off while im eating
  5. then in geometry my teacher gave us a pile of homework 3 SECONDS before class change
  6. in 5th my theatre teacher told us that she actualy does trashtalk us to other periods
  7. things got a little better cuz my friends in 5th cheered me up(thanks anna and kacey!)
  8. then my phone literally broke into 2 pieces.
so yeah. im gonna go watch glee and tell the washy story later. kay bye now :/

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 days 2 hours 8 minutes can't take these muggles. Need Friday to hurry up and getnhere.

Things I should be doing, and the things I actually am doing

I just got out of school and am really bored. So my teachers gave homework out the BUTT today and i really don't feel like doing it :/ ughh i wanna take a friggin NAP! Kay so since you don't know, my Momma works at a school where she is the assistant principal and every day after school, I walk to her school and stay here until it's time to go home. Anyway, it's raining outside and I'm sleepy and I just wanna go in the sunroom and blog then hw then nap listening to the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the roof :) that sounded really poetic haha. So now I kind of want to make a list for you.
Things I Should Be Doing
  • my geometry homeowok
  • my english homework
  • my earth/environmental science homework
  • having a snack :)
  • napping
What I'm Actually Doing
  • blogging for all of y'all 
  • still listening to Taylor Swift's cd
  • staring at my pencil trying to will it to solve the proofs on its own.
Well I better be going to finish my work. Have any of you read the bells by Edgar Allan Poe? We just did in class. What did you think?
Listening to:Long Live <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

List #1 and hello

Hello there. This isn't my first attempt but this is a more solid endeavor than previous attempts. First, I want to thank my blog-spirations Abby( andMalyssa (
Anyway if you haven't already guessed I am a person who enjoys lists and making them a lot. Like 24/7(hence the 247 in the web address). So here goes.

Things I am doing
1. Listening to Taylor swifts new cd
2. Typing on an iPad.
3. Trying not to fall asleep
4. Wondering how I should tell Abby and malyssa about my blog
5. Wondering where my cat is
6. And wanting someone to call or text me.

So yeah I don't fell like making any more lists now, but I swear I will tell more about myself sooon. Just not now. Okay.
Peace,Love,Jesus BEKAH :)

It was the end of a decade, but the start of an AGE :)

Bahah so my sisters boyfriend Oj burnt me a copy of Taylor Swift's new cd and ive been listening to it like nonstop. Even in my sleep. It's that amazing :)

So here is some stuff about me I thought you'd like to know.
1. I am in the 9th grade at my fabulous, amazing, awesome high school
2. I play the trumpet in our band

3. One of my best friends plays sax, two play French horn(not at my school though), one plays drums, and some aren't in band at all (and one quit band)
4. As much as I love band, my fave class is my 5th period Theatre arts 1 because that class is a joke with one of my best friends Annamarie and Kacey
5. One of my best friends sisters is 2 years younger than me and lives in Georgia.
6. I think that blogging is the new diary. Not that I'm stopping writing in my diary just not as often.
7. I have blue eyes and blondish hair
8. I like a guy who has a girlfriend, but we are still good friends and don't let that get in the way of our friendship
9. I have a cat named Simon who is amazing
10. Music is my entire life. Singing it, listening, writing, everything!
11. I lied. Jesus is my life. Everything I do is to glorify him and he is amazing. If there wasn't God, we wouldn't be here or anything!
Okay that is all for now :)♥
(12. PS I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you ♥)