Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bored, bored, bored

well hello hello hello :) so im really bored :( my sister and her boyfriend are over watching me because my parents are at this dinner thing at our old church. so tomorrow is the one year anniversary of telling someone(the wrong person most def) who i liked and still like now. His name is Mason. He's in my grade but a year and 3 weeks older than me. no, he didnt fail and i didnt skip. the cutoff date for kindergarten just worked out that way. He could be in 10th grade if he wanted but he wouldve been one of the youngest. So instead, he's one of the oldest in 9th grade. i am rambling. and bored. i want glee to come on. i am very excited about seeing my brother for thanksgiving. he lives in durham thats why. hes 10 and 1/2 years older than me and he is a humassive GOOBER! :) i miss him lots and lots. WOAHHH i just found a list i made last year of 14 random things about me. here.
14 random things about me(2/10/2010)[my comments in brackets]
  1.  i sing. all day long. no lie. sometimes in my head.[still true]
  2. i tell incredibly lame jokes.[still true]
  3. sometimes people actually laugh at those jokes. whatttt?[haha Oj just laughed at one a minute ago]
  4. i have the best cat. ever. [yep i sure dooo :p]
  5. my sister and i like to sing to her. we even have like 4 songs we put her name in to sing. [liz doesnt sing to simon with me anymore]
  6. yellow is the best color ever. bright. sunshine-y. warm. cozy. AWESOME![legit]
  7. my bathroom is covered in posters from popstar magazine.[not anymore. i had to take them down]
  8. i have one wall entirely dedicated to the jonas brothers. but it spreads onto another wall =)[had to take them down when we redid the bathroom]
  9. i got a zebra print snuggie for x-mas last year and i love it.[using it right now...]
  10. i write stories for fun[yup still do]
  11. im writing one now about a drama club and its musical.[i actually lost that one]
  12. there is a male songwriter in it who is the female lead's crush[lost the story]
  13. mason wrote a song for the guy to 'sing' because my songwriting is too girly[yup. still actually have those lyrics :)]
  14. 7 and 14 are my lucky numbers[still are]
okay well i shall talk to you later loves ♥. OH and we are reading romeo and juliet in english. comments?


  1. Romeo and Juliet was pretty decent, I cheated and watched the movie though, lol. Great list, cool to see that most of that still rings true. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I'm reading that in english to! It's soo boring! Good luck!

  3. I like it a lot actually. It's kind of wierd though. Shakespeare was a humongous PERV! I'm like this is so bad. Like they are full of innuendos("Quarrel I back thee. My naked weapon is out"). I'm reading the part of Juliet and my friend is reading Romeo. haha that laugh has a backstory :) tell yall later