Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I should be doing, and the things I actually am doing

I just got out of school and am really bored. So my teachers gave homework out the BUTT today and i really don't feel like doing it :/ ughh i wanna take a friggin NAP! Kay so since you don't know, my Momma works at a school where she is the assistant principal and every day after school, I walk to her school and stay here until it's time to go home. Anyway, it's raining outside and I'm sleepy and I just wanna go in the sunroom and blog then hw then nap listening to the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the roof :) that sounded really poetic haha. So now I kind of want to make a list for you.
Things I Should Be Doing
  • my geometry homeowok
  • my english homework
  • my earth/environmental science homework
  • having a snack :)
  • napping
What I'm Actually Doing
  • blogging for all of y'all 
  • still listening to Taylor Swift's cd
  • staring at my pencil trying to will it to solve the proofs on its own.
Well I better be going to finish my work. Have any of you read the bells by Edgar Allan Poe? We just did in class. What did you think?
Listening to:Long Live <3

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