Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Day, Stormy Mood

Haha I'm sorry but its true. Ive had a bad day and Im in a pretty bad mood. Ughhh i feel a list coming on...BUT FIRST! a shoutout to Seli(wotiheart.blogspot.com) because maly told me she likes lists too.
Things that just plain sucked today
  1. well Washy was in a bad mood. then told us he wasnt. and expected us to actually believe him.
  2. his bad mood/yelling at us put me in a bad mood which affected my playing
  3. which caused morre yelling/sermons from washy. baahah that reminds me of a story...ill terll nyou in a second.
  4. we go to lunch and everyones in a pissy mood and one of my freakin brackets pops off while im eating
  5. then in geometry my teacher gave us a pile of homework 3 SECONDS before class change
  6. in 5th my theatre teacher told us that she actualy does trashtalk us to other periods
  7. things got a little better cuz my friends in 5th cheered me up(thanks anna and kacey!)
  8. then my phone literally broke into 2 pieces.
so yeah. im gonna go watch glee and tell the washy story later. kay bye now :/


  1. Some days it's that way. Everyone is in a bad mood and nothing goes right. The trick is to be the happy person, but that just makes everyone else even angrier.

    Hope everything is going better.

  2. yeah things are already a lot better today. Thanks for asking! i do hate days like that though