Saturday, November 27, 2010

You know what it is :)

BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW! That song is stuck in my head. But its uber-amazing so thats okay. I keep forgetting what day it is and that is bad. I want to blog but i cant think of amything to say. so bye now. LOVE YALL :)

an old picture of Simon ♥

 A very old picture of Lauren(Thomas' gf), Thomas and Liz ♥
a picture of Sarah and me when i first got my snuggie
 this is my beautiful cousin. before she got her hair cut, i got my hair cut and before i got my braces!
a very old[and bad] picture of AnnaSmith, Lyndsay, me, and Haley from our 8th grade field trip to Biltmore House. It was so pretty! I miss Anna a lot now. She moved to Tennessee :(

another super old picture of me and my sister, Liz before we went to the UNC blue and white game this past spring. before bracess :)

 bahahahahhaha Walt and Anna at the bowling alley we went to on our 8th grade Wilmington field trip. That was a crazyyyyyy night. Everyone flipped out because we were all sleep-deprived and going crazy. Hahhaah i think anna is actually rapping in this and who knows what Walt is doing.
This is a picture I stole from Nick's facebook because i had no pictures of him and i wanted yall to sorta have a picture of him.
 kay this is a really stupid/silly/goofy/cute picture of Mason. Once again, I stole this one from facebook because I didnt have one of him on the computer and I wanted yall to see him :)
These are my Sevie(7th grade) friends. Allie(whos also walts sister), Debralee(who isnt really my friend), Meredith(not really my friend), and Jensen (she's my friend. and also she is Mason's sister. See any resemblance?)
 this is a picture i stole from Allies facebook. wanted yall to see herrrrrr
 Abi and Me from the Nooga trip :D ILoveThisChick LYS
"I am your latin lover full of passion and FUEGO!"---insider
 one of my fave pictures. Me(before braces) and Annamarie in our middle school english teachers room. It was taken before school[we would use the stupidest excuses to go in her room before school adn hang  out] by Mason on Anna's phone. And we don't take good pictures but this one was good and Mason took it and i just love it to death! :)
Me and the Anna that moved to TN at the bowling alley in Wilmington.
 Daddy and me at a baseball game on the Baseball Trip 2010:Southern Swoosh.
Me in the car on the baseball trip in birmingham Alabama after we went to the bookstore and Starbucks♥
Uncle Johnny, Aunt Teresa, Meredith, Abigail, and me from the Chattanooga trip :)♥
Sorry for the picture overload :) I still love yall readers

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