Saturday, December 11, 2010


ello loves. its been a long time. sorry. i would like to give you a humongo update on me.
  • I auditioned for the school musical[Into the Woods] and was one of 3 freshman to get a part!!!!!! I am the understudy for Lucinda and Florinda[Cinderella's stepsisters] :D
  • I have rehearsal everyday until 6.30 pm. *Oh joy* haha it isn't that bad
  • I have made a kajillion new theatre friends in the musical who appreciate my random musicality :)
  • Mason and that girl aren't together anymore. I'm not really sure on the details because he said she wouldn't even tell him exactly why.Ehh i didn't like her anyway. Hah she didn't like me either xp
  • He kinda-sorta-almost likes this girl who moved here from NewYork this year. Her name is Paige. We talk sometimes but aren't really great friends.
  • Mason texts me a lot more often now that he is single and it makes me happy and less bored at rehearsals :p
  • i severely hate my english teacher. we are working on 3 projects at one time! ughhh
welp i gotta go clean and some more stuff. ttyl loveys! :)
<3 Bekah


  1. That sucks about your English teacher! They just lovee giving out homework don't they. Sounds like your having fun in theater! That's great!

  2. yepp! the sad thing is i love english...but yes i love my new theatre friends<3

  3. Sounds like everything is going pretty well. Congrats on making the play. :)