Saturday, November 20, 2010

And she could call it "Harry Potter and.. a map of the realm of Narnia" :)

yes. that title very much might make me sound like a nerd. Thank you :)
see look i even took a picture to make it official :) so anywayyy i saw the movie yesterday and it was pretty freakin amazing. and i cried like 5 times. especially when Dobby died and they did his funeral. yeah that part was uber sad. sooo a minute ago i had to do a favor for my momma and i set my headphones down on the stool and they made a heart. so i took my phone out to make a picture(my camera is broken) and picniked it on my computer. here its super duper pretty

i thought  that the quote was very fitting. music is indeed love. and its practically my life. so im kinda out of things to talk about. so you talk to me on my formspring and in comments. kay love yall :)                    who saw the movie? and who else is a nerd? and pretty much any thing else you wanna talk about. OH and whos heard of the vlogbrothers, john green, and/or hank green? if you havent go to; theyre amazing :) Listening to: I want a book 8 by Hank Green

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