Sunday, November 14, 2010

List #1 and hello

Hello there. This isn't my first attempt but this is a more solid endeavor than previous attempts. First, I want to thank my blog-spirations Abby( andMalyssa (
Anyway if you haven't already guessed I am a person who enjoys lists and making them a lot. Like 24/7(hence the 247 in the web address). So here goes.

Things I am doing
1. Listening to Taylor swifts new cd
2. Typing on an iPad.
3. Trying not to fall asleep
4. Wondering how I should tell Abby and malyssa about my blog
5. Wondering where my cat is
6. And wanting someone to call or text me.

So yeah I don't fell like making any more lists now, but I swear I will tell more about myself sooon. Just not now. Okay.
Peace,Love,Jesus BEKAH :)


  1. Um, so I am totally jealous of you having access to an ipad! :O

  2. technically its my moms for her work but its pretty cool. just like a giant ipod touch. but still fun :)